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Zany media coverage

Moey on XM Satellite Radio POTUS '08 listen here, XM Kids listen here, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, the AJC's Peach Buzz, and lots of cool blogs like Decatur Metro and inDecatur.

Moey was on CNN in a segment by Jeanne Moos (about halfway through clip). [CLIP MISSING]

Moey was on a segment on CNN's News to Me on Saturday at 7:30 pm EST. [CLIP MISSING]

Moey on 11Alive news* here's the web story

11alive-candyvote-story from Candy Vote on Vimeo.

*By the way, we did not count the pet votes

Sat Morning, Moey was LIVE on CNN Saturday Morning:

Moey's appearance on CNN Saturday Morning made the website headline list, and somehow qualified for CNN Shirts.

Thanks to everyone for their support. We're having a lot of fun with this!

Checkout some of Moey's previous costumes.

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* Polling results are not scientific and represent the number of houses we hit in Decatur before the candy gets too heavy, or the costume falls apart.

The Results:

Obama: 111 pieces of candy

McCain: 27 pieces of candy

Barr: 1 piece of candy